Dear Festival Organisers,

Thank you for the beautiful memories on the video! We really loved every minute we spent in Salzburg. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and opportunities we were given to perform in the most memorable venues!

We would like to wish you well and hope to meet again sometime!

Warm Regards
Lindy van der Meulen (St Mary's Choir)

Dearest Festival Friends,

Thank you so much for letting us participate in CANTUS MM this summer. You made us feel welcome and at home. We loved every moment. It was without a doubt a peak musical experience for all of the young musicians in the orchestra, their families that came along and myself. I truly hope that we will be able to participate again in the near future. The mission of our orchestra has always been to create peace in the world and help others through music. You and this festival made it possible for us to fulfill that dream. It was demonstrated most beautifully in the benefit concert and the Salzburg Cathedral. It is my sincerest hope that I will return "home" to you and Austria!

Marcy Sudock, Musique Sur La Mer Youth Symphony Orchestra

Dear Henry,

I want to confirm that it was my choir from San Luis Obispo High that attended the CANTUS MM Festival this summer. We had a wonderful time both at the festival and with the day trips to the mountains and lake district. The staff at the festival was very professional and well organized. We had a beautiful new double decker bus and a very efficient tour guide each day. The Mozarteum Hall in Salzburg is fantastic! It was a thrill for me and my singers to perform there. We also had two really fun evenings of food and music to open the festival and close it. I felt the CANTUS MM organization gave us GREAT VALUE for our money. The hotel we had in Salzburg was fine and had good breakfasts for the kids. They handled everything for us from Munchen to Salzburg and onto to Stuttgart, Germany, and then back to Munchen. I recommend the festival and look forward to taking another choir of mine there again in the near future.

Gary Lamprecht, San Luis Obispo HS

Dear Festival Organizers,

I want to thank you once again for all your work in organizing the Festival last summer. It turned out to be a wonderful experience for all of us and if your goal was to bring us together to share the joy of music with musicians from other parts of the world, I feel that this was very much accomplished. We shall particularly cherish the memory of performing the Handel Halleluja Chorus in the Salzburg Cathedral for many years to come.

With very best wishes to everyone there.

Stewart Grant, Pointe-Claire, Qu├ębec