Salzburg Singt! Festival 2023 -  St. Matthew's Passion

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750) Passio Domini
nostri J. C. secundum Evangelistam Matthæum
St. Matthew's Passion (BWV 244)

for soloists, 2 choirs, 2 orchestras and 2 organs in double choir formation:
Chorus I in the sanctuary, Chorus II on the organ gallery

St. Matthew's Passion (BWV 244) - for choirs and soloists

This world-famous masterpiece, composed by the former Thomas cantor Johann Sebastian Bach, tells the story of Jesus' passion as it can be read in the 26th and 27th chapters of the Gospel of Matthew. 

Bach uses two choirs, two orchestras and six solo voices for the presentation. It is considered as one of Bach’s most monumental compositions inspired by a deep Christian faith and was originally composed for the Vespers service on Good Friday 1727 in the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig.

In spring 2023 the “Jubilate - Choir Salzburg” invites you to attend the third “Salzburg Singt!” Festival to the beautiful Salzburg Lake District in Austria to perform Johann Sebastian Bach's masterpiece on Saturday, March 25th in the Catholic parish church Ebensee.

Choir lineup:
featuring the Jubilate-Chor Salzburg, Chorus Lacus Felix, Diabelli-Chor Mattsee, Belcanto-Chor Salzburg, vocal ensemble of the Resurrection Church Salzburg, the church choir Ebensee and participating choirs and singers from Austria, Germany, Europe and the entire world, soloists, the chamber choir Kohlschütter Salzburg and the Musica Iuventa from Halle (Germany).

Conductor: Jan S. Bechtold

Your day by day program

Day 1
Individual arrival at Ebensee
Evening: Rehearsal - choir with piano
Responsible: Jan. S. Bechtold
The rehearsal will be followed by a friendly meet-up evening for the participants
Day 2
Morning: Choral rehearsal with piano / orchestra Responsible: Jan S. Bechtold.
Evening: choral rehearsal + orchestra Responsible: Jan S. Bechtold
The rehearsal will be followed by meet-up evening for the participants
Day 3
Morning: General rehearsal: choirs, soloists and orchestra. Responsible: Jan S. Bechtold.
Free afternoon
Evening: concert at the Ebensee Catholic Church. Johann Sebastian Bach: The Passion According to Saint Matthew BWV in double choir
Responsible: Jan S. Bechtold.
The concert will be followed by a closing party for the participants
Day 4
"Servus" Ebensee: 
Time to say good-bye, or to continue your post tour through Austria or Europe.

Information for participants:

The festival is open to choirs and soloists. The participants must have already studied the piece St. Matthew's Passion.
Please bring your own choir scores or piano reductions - any edition can be used however musical instructions refer to the Bärenreiter edition.

Dress code:
Warm clothing recommended.
The ladies should be wearing black clothing with a bright accessory (scarf e.g.). and preferably, wear a coat.
Men should be in black suits with white shirts and colored ties (also with a coat).

Conditions of registration:
150 places available on the following bases: 50 sopranos, 50 altos, 25 tenors and 25 basses. If a voice group is already full, we reserve ourselves the right to only accept registrations in the remaining available groups.
When registering, please indicate the choir to which you would like to be assigned (choir 1 or choir II).

As per: November 2021.
Subject to change.

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